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Effective Framing in Design

I studied and taught product design at the University of California, Berkeley in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My thesis was about effective framing in design. This was because the central challenge, as I saw it, in creating new products and solutions that solve real needs is how to align a multidisciplinary team with different skills and perspectives on the core customer needs to solve and how to solve them.

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Backcover blurb

In an age of great opportunity our challenge is no longer just to invent technology but to use it in ways that help people, our society and the planet. Designers play a key role in deciding how technology is used - whether we produce products that end up in landfill, or meet people’s needs time and again. This text is one further step towards understanding how design teams get on the same page about what people really need, the common pitfalls of design teams and how we can best avoid them. A number of studies support the development of the design path framework together with themes and principles for effective design team framing.

Relevant publications:

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